Saturday, August 4, 2007

Reality of the Working Poor vs. Mitt

This is going to be a bit of a raw post.

Go to The Washington Post's, 'The Trail' ("a daily diary of campaign 2008') and watch the video of a waitress at the Red Arrow diner in Manchester, NH, who managed to confront Mitt Romney regarding health care. She became a bit testy while Mitt was rambling on about how he envisioned 'the world looking to the U.S. for health care.' There was something about 'Muslim nations' he threw in as well that I'm not real sure about. At any rate, this working woman has health care. Both she & her husband work. What she illustrates are the costs of their health care. The cost of having insurance, the deductible, the copay for office visits, the copay for medications.

There's a bit more at my place if's longish so I wasn't sure about posting it here. As I'm not in Mass or anywhere near, I'm really curious about the accuracy of Mitt's claim of this:

We found it cost us more money to be giving free care out at hospitals than to help people buy their own private care,” Romney said, sweating a bit by this point.

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