Thursday, August 16, 2007

Backing Down From Cowards

From BuzzFlash:

The Democratic Party cowers at the bellicose threats of Bush and Cheney, though beyond the macho posturing, both men have barely the right to be called men. Bush ran away on 9-11. He ran away from Cindy Sheehan in Crawford. The boy is a coward. Cheney hid in his bunker and assured noninterference from the US military on 9-11. He turned a grave, rookie hunting accident into a scandal because he wasn't man enough to admit his foolishness until considerably after the fact. And Karl Rove, well, just view the Youtube video of him running from some college students who attempted to make a citizen's arrest after one of Rove's on-campus propaganda speeches.

Bush's junta resembles a malevolent group of prepubescents more than it does a collection of mafiosos. Congenital ineptitude and management by mistake are not symptoms of a battle- or street-hardened group. These guys are all spoon-fed rich kids who've stolen the car keys.

Democrats are acting like pop psychology parents who refuse to correct their wayward charges. Time-outs and stern talkings-to aren't going to corral these brats gone wild. Reid and Pelosi need to grasp this concept and call out Bush and the Republican obstruction machine. After all, with Congress' approval ratings in the toilet, what do they have to lose? The '08 elections?

If they refuse to stand up to the spoiled brats that infest our government, that will be absolutely guaranteed.

If the Dems lose in '08 they might as well disband and let whatever happens to our country happen. Keep your rifles clean, just in case.

Note to BuzzFlash: Some of us law-abiding otherwise-fairly-liberal citizens know what firearms are for, and how and why and when to use them. If the Fascist-in-Chief tries to impose martial law, declares himself President-for-Life, tries to revoke very much more of the Constitution, or any one of a host of other crimes against our Liberty, we may have to show you.

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