Friday, August 17, 2007

Purple Hearts backordered

Houston Chronicle

Korean War veteran Nyles Reed, 75, opened an envelope last week to learn a Purple Heart had been approved for injuries he sustained as a Marine on June 22, 1952.

But there was no medal. Just a certificate and a form stating that the medal was "out of stock."

"I can imagine, of course, with what's going on in Iraq and Afghanistan, there's a big shortage," Reed said. "At least, I would imagine so."

The military has been using stocks of Purple Hearts for the last 62 years that they ordered in anticipation of casualties from the invasion of Japan. After Korea, Vietnam, all the other smaller wars, and now Iraq and Afghanistan, they're finally running out.

The Navy did finally get some more medals and are going to send one to the old Jarhead. He had already bought his own, but I bet they won't send him his $42 back.

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