Saturday, November 15, 2008

El Coyote Revisited

Protests and demonstrations against the passage of California's Proposition 8 have been going on non-stop since election day. A coupla days ago I posted about the involvement of one of the higher-ups at an old favorite restaurant of mine in the Yes on 8 campaign.


Employees of the Los Angeles restaurant that came under fire this week after a manager gave $100 to the campaign to ban same-sex marriage in California said they had made a $500 contribution to the advocacy group that is raising money to challenge Proposition 8.

The Thursday online donation to Equality California, an advocacy group for the gay and lesbian community, came at precisely 7:22:03 p.m., about 22 minutes into a planned demonstration outside the restaurant's doors for the second night in a row.

Over the last week, online social networking sites and blogs have urged people to boycott El Coyote Mexican Cafe on Beverly Boulevard because of the $100 donation by Marjorie Christoffersen, a manager at the restaurant and a daughter of El Coyote's owner, who is Mormon,

Diners at one table had to be compensated for their $50 tab because their night had been ruined, and patrons celebrating a birthday at an outdoor table had to endure protesters late into the evening, he said.

They sure got more than they bargained for with their Margaritas and Combination Plates!

Crenshaw said Christoffersen remains out of town and is "very upset" by what has happened.

Tough shit. The chickens have come home to roost, so to speak. Who knew you could get in so much trouble or wreck a going concern for only $100 given in support of your hateful cult's beliefs? Heh.

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