Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Times are tough ...

Maybe it's time to yank the tax-exempt status for all religious organizations. Think of the money we could raise on the Catholic Church's holdings.

The president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops told his fellow prelates Monday that while they should “rejoice” at the election of an African-American president, they should confront him over his support for abortion rights.


Abortion is not the only issue on which the bishops plan to challenge the president-elect. Over the weekend, aides to Mr. Obama said he was considering overturning President Bush’s directive that banned most research on embryonic stem cells. Cardinal George said the bishops would “be in conversation” with Mr. Obama on this matter, too.

After eight years of a Republican president who invoked Catholic language to cement his anti-abortion platform, the bishops are now confronting an incoming Democratic administration that has championed abortion rights.

In the closing months of the presidential race, several Catholic bishops skirted close to endorsing the Republican candidate for president, Senator John McCain, by proclaiming that Catholics could not in good conscience vote for a candidate who favored abortion rights. [my em]


It's time for all you priests, preachers, witch doctors, whatever, to STFU and pay more attention ministering to the souls of your flock than trying to wield political power. A lot of folks have had it with the mess the "moral majority" has made of the place in the last decade.

I'm tired of a buncha thieves, pedophiles, and snake oil salesman telling me how to be 'moral' or what a consenting adult can do with their own body. If I had my way, the churches, temples, mosques, and medicine huts would be paying their fair share instead of sucking on the public teat.

Great thanks to Joe for the link.

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