Thursday, November 13, 2008

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I normally don't do these but ...

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1. I have this funny (insane?) quirk about doing things left-to-right. Example: Getting dressed; left, sock, left shoe, right sock, right shoe - gloves; left one first, on and off. (Fly is always zip-then-button.)

2. I'm about beer the way some snobs are with wine. I will drink water (There's a whole thing about my drinking water too. If I ask for a glass of water, check me for fever.) before I drink Budweiser. It's one of the reasons I love being in Europe so much. The Belgians have my eternal affection.

3. I own more neckties than most of the people I know combined.

4. I generally like more of the animals I meet than the people I meet in the course of a day. I have a very low tolerance for dumbasses, especially the ones who think they're smarter than I am. Pretense also annoys the shit out of me, as do fake breasts. I look for authenticity in my close friends - be who you are.

5. Being a mechanic and hating cars. Not cars per se, but the whole experience of the customers who go with them. The old men who have too much free time and think every little vibration is a major calamity and bother me 3 times a day; the women who "can give you 20 minutes" to perform a brake job (4 wheel), replace two axles, and change the oil; or the people without lives who think I should entertain them while I work on their car; or the Wall St. asshole who thinks his BMW is the most precious thing since they discovered the Hope Diamond ...

My dream job would be building a couple of nice hotrods a year, maybe have a couple guys working with me, and taking our time building some good, fast, beautiful cars.

6. I hate sitcoms. I hate most TV, but sitcoms are the worst ('reality' shows running neck and neck). If you don't look at the screen while they're on, the scripts sound the same as they did in the 60s. The subjects might be a bit more risque nowadays but the plots are the same. They are recycled, mind-numbing drivel.

I'm not gonna tag anyone, but my thanks to our friend PC for giving me the tag. Don't make it a habit. Heh ...

Off to work ...

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