Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Great Reno to Truckee Train Ride

It's a pretty short ride from Sodom & Gomorrah to God's Country where I live. I got this video off of desertduty's YouTube channel whilst searching for crazy redneck music to blog. I went over to her site "Desertduty Rides For Breast Cancer Awareness" and kidded her a little about runnin' out of camera batteries before she got to the pretty part of the train ride. Her name is Susan, she's a horsewoman, and she lives in Fallon NV about seventy miles east of here.

The Amtrak follows the Truckee river in a beautiful train ride into the Sierra's.

Music by Lacy J. Dalton "The Last Wild Place"

Oh, yeah, scored the crazy redneck music too!

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