Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Are you happy to see me ...

Big "no shit" factor here, but it does explain the behavior of a lot of conservatives:


When viewing lesbian sex and straight sex, both the homophobic and the non-homophobic men showed increased penis circumference. For gay male sex, however, only the homophobic men showed heightened penis arousal.

Heterosexual men with the most anti-gay attitudes, when asked, reported not being sexually aroused by gay male sex videos. But, their penises reported otherwise.

Homophobic men were the most sexually aroused by gay male sex acts.

Just a note: I now know more about the "device" they use to measure male sexual arousal than I ever needed, or wanted, to.

Thanks to Tata for the link.


Gordon said...

You made me go read about "the device". I had to put a "dying strain" on Harley-Davidson rear brake master cylinders as a test for a recall one time and I'll never look at that term the same way again. Heh.

Gordon said...

On Repugs, I'd just use a hose clamp and see if they could break it.