Friday, June 17, 2011

Huntsman's Ride

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And here's Jon Huntsman's next bemusingly surreal campaign video. Two days ago, the cool-guy Republican debuted a cryptic, speechless clip of a man riding a dirt bike across a desert in an effort to differentiate himself from the usual earnest, saccharine competition. It worked. Just like the last one (which worked in a reference to his high school band "wizard"), today's offering involved a Huntsman tidbit. "Has seven children. One from India, One from China," reads the succinct sentence in the ad.

Now, however, we've learned who's the mastermind behind these clips. It's is none other than Fred "Demon Sheep" Davis. He was previously responsible for notable ads last election cycle including Carly Fiorina's ad and the memorable "I'm You" ad for the now very unmemorable candidate Christine O'Donnell. Still, we could get used to political ads with beautiful scenery and no political bromides (or even any words at all):

4 Days from Jon Huntsman Jr. on Vimeo.

It's a nice video, pretty scenery, an activity I dearly love, but...

It's not Jon Huntsman. It's just an actor riding the motorcycle. In the previous "6 days" ad the guy was riding along a straight flat road like he didn't know what he was doing. He didn't need to stand up and at least he does that a little in the above video. He's also going a little faster like he's learning to ride a little. Basically he rides about like Obama bowls. Heh. Either stretch of road in either video, I'da been haulin' the mail!

Mrs. G says she could ride those roads faster on our Sportster XLX61! I said she could ride them faster on our little Tiger Cub.

Yo, Huntsman, if ya wanta show people pokin' along like the economy and enjoying beautiful scenery, get some with knee shorts, walking sticks and binoculars. That'd be bullshit too because even the granola bars and tree huggers who closed our desert down as 'wilderness' have never done very much of that. Don't wanta get too far from the Bimmer, ya know. Motorcycles and desert roads were made for haulin' ass!

All that said, worry about Huntsman a little. He's got more going for him as a Repug candidate than any of the other morons. The long-hair teenage rockers and brown kids in the ads might hurt him with some of the Repug base, but who knows?


Not all motorcyclists are good guys like me. Some are 1%er outlaws who terrorize towns, deal drugs, and smell bad. Some are much worse - they're Republicans.


Fixer said...

Shit, I'd be going faster over them roads with my car. ;)

Gordon said...

Indeed you would!

Spud said...

WFO till I die...

Gordon said...

I'm old enough to remember when WFO meant 'Wick Fully Out' but it's still true. Bikes are the most fun with the loud handle against the stop.