Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why Do People Think Conservatives are Extremist Bigots?

Shorter: Because they pretty much brag about it to pander to their base?

Richard Allen Smith, who also claims to be a recovering motorcyclist. Me too. Maybe I'll kick it when I kick. But I doubt it. With a tip o' the Brain to The Political Carnival.

On the rare occasion that I have the misfortune of discussing politics with a conservative, they always react with feigned outrage when I make a reference to conservatives being bigots. Now, I won’t argue that all self-identified conservatives subscribe to some form of bigotry, even though conservative policies have disproportionate negative affects on minorities. But the fact is, the rare level headed conservative must realize that when you claim to subscribe to a certain ideology, you are associating yourself with the leadership of that ideology and the positions of that leadership. And in the case of conservatism, the leadership of that movement is composed nearly exclusively of radical bigots.

To illustrate my point, I need only point to tonight’s GOP Presidential primary debate. Without exception, every candidate that will appear on the stage tonight has a history of extremist bigotry. Let’s take a look:



If you find these comments distasteful, maybe you should question why you subscribe to an ideology that is led by outright bigots. If you don’t maybe you should take a moment for introspection to determine whether you are actually a bigot.

Introspection is not a Repug trait. Hypocrisy is.

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mandt said...

Hypocrisy is more than a trait. It is A Rethug virtue.