Sunday, June 12, 2011

It's the PITS

My first trial of the season, the Hard Rock Trial, is coming up in a coupla weeks at the PITS property about 25 miles west of here. It's already been postponed once due to the lingering snowpack, Here's the access road as of May 21:

They cancelled a formal work party there this weekend, but there will be people there so I'm going to take my trusty Royal Enfield* and hie myself thence to see what's going on. See yas.

*From my SoCal YouTube buddy hoohoohoblin.


Checking out road conditions to the PITS property. It was impassable just a couple of weeks ago due to deep snow. Still some soft spots but OK. I thought there was a working party, but my instincts saved me again. It was yesterday.

Thanks to me.


montag said...

Dang! Your mud season must be wicked awesome!

Gordon said...

It's not very deep. I'll have video of it later.

BadTux said...

Montag, our mud season is very short. As soon as the snow finishes melting, it turns into hardpack because we're in the dry season right now and it'll get nothing but sun until the winters nows fall.

That said, that scene looks pretty familiar. Our normal spring trail opening run is in late April. In mid May we set out and ran into a snow bank long before we reached the trail head. Last week a member reached the end of the trail and set up camp in the snow. This being a trail that's usually snow-free by mid-May. But there was a freakin' *ton* of snow this year...

- Badtux the Jeepin' Penguin

BadTux said...

BTW, props for taking a Royal Enfield on that. I would have had no problem taking my KLR on it, but a street bike with street tires? Heh.

-Badtux the Motorcyclin' Penguin