Monday, October 17, 2011

1 Marine vs. 30 Cops (Marine Wins)

And yer point is...?

Article at Raw Story. Comment at YouTube:

They say please to the big black man, they pepper spray the 95 lb. women. Cowards.

Thanks to BklynHandy.

The answer to your question, Sergeant, "Why do you do this to people?" is that when push comes to shove the cops are sworn to 'protect and serve' the 1%. Like you did, they follow orders. Unlike you, honor is not a requisite.


Theo said...

From Crooks & Liars on this same Marine, a comment by Wordsmith in a thread about not messing with Marines:

"I was Army and worked in military hospitals and saw Green Berets after f&cking with Marines. ;-))"

Fixer said...

Told ya. No cop gonna take the chance of getting his baton shoved up his ass and having to eat his meals through a straw.

They'll beat on women, kids, and flamers because they can't fight back.

Anonymous said...

Right on.

Looks like the boys in blue don't like the idea of dealing with someone who knows how to fight 'em on their own terms.....and who let them know how shameful they are, for acting as the attack dogs of the 1%, instead of acting to "serve and protect" the people, as they like to claim.