Saturday, October 22, 2011

Anne Frank, a Mormon?

My Favorite Big-Titted Irish Redhead on Willard And The Saints.

On "magic underwear":

And it’s not only a one-piece any more. “There’s a two-piece now,” he said.

Republicans are the ones who have made faith part of the presidential test. Now we’ll see if Mitt can pass it.

The Repugs know nothing about faith other than "tax cuts" and "less regulation", which is their religion, thus breaking the 1st and 3rd Commandments. Along with the rest of them.


Anonymous said...

-grist for the mill:
America's 5 Favorite Ways to Ignore Jesus
Oct 10, 2011
America's Best Christian,
Mrs. Betty Bowers, announces
American Christians' fondest ways
to thumb their noses at Jesus and any of the pesky things He may have told them


Gordon said...

Thanks. I haven't been to see Ms. Bowers in a while.