Thursday, October 20, 2011

What you mean "we", white man?

Joan Walsh in Salon on Pat Buchanan and his new book, with audio gems of his "wisdom":

Pat Buchanan doesn’t want my pity, and he probably doesn’t deserve it. But I couldn’t help feeling sad for him reading his apocalyptic, overwrought new book, “Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?” By almost any standard, Buchanan has had a successful life and career – he’s advised two presidents, run for president three times himself; he’s a wealthy author, columnist and MSNBC pundit – but apparently, it’s all been for naught. Ultimately his side can’t win, he says, because demography is against him. As long as white America remains on track to lose its majority status this century – and we can debate when that will happen, but there’s no way around it – the America Buchanan loves is gone.

The hell it is! The white phony-Xtian racist anti-everybody-but-them Repuglican't haters aren't exactly hanging on by their fingernails. If they're in their death throes, I wish they'd hurry it up.

And that was only the first paragraph. Go.


Fixer said...

I hope I live long enough to see this country become an "other than white" majority. I'm hoping it will be the impetus for the country to finally move forward instead of clinging to the past.

Anonymous said...

Well, whadja except from an old Hitler apologist like Pat?