Friday, October 21, 2011

Christ ...

Please. I can sorta understand people whining about the killing of al-Awlaki. Don't agree, but I can understand it (yes, the American citizenship issue makes people squeamish). However, none should be complaining that Gaddafy was executed or some shit. Of course he was executed and there are good reasons for it, just as there were for killing Osama and tossing his corpse overboard instead of capturing him and bringing him to stand trial here.

Personally, I woulda cut them both up and buried them in a pigsty (and let all their followers know it), deny them the 'paradise' they assumed they'd get in the afterlife. The last thing you want is a martyr for their people to rally around and it gives potential tyrants and terrorists pause before beginning their murderous plans. Yes, I know, most progressives, libs, or whatever would consider me a psychopath or sociopath and I don't have a problem with that. I can sleep quite well knowing I killed some bad guys, doesn't bother me in the least. It's the innocents that I've dispatched in the process that come to haunt me regularly.

There are things that need to be done, no matter how distasteful. Sometimes bad people need to be taken out, killed, deleted, whatever you want to call it, for reasons far beyond seeing them "face justice". Yes, there is a fine line between that and murder, and I believe there should be serious diligence done before the order is given, but we can't go around saying we won't kill someone who is a threat to our national security. Especially someone who has so much American blood on their hands.

In this country, terrorists, like these right wing militias and crazies, should most certainly be brought to trial and prosecuted (and not locked away without trial in some secret camp). I'm all for the Rule of Law. But, in an international scenario, that doesn't work (especially in someplace where "law" is highly subjective). You hunt them down and kill them like a rabid dog, period.

There are a lot more problems for us to worry about than the circumstances surrounding the deaths of murderers who are outside the jurisdiction of US law enforcement. Stop making a big thing over people whose only value is as fertilizer. Worry about the innocent people here who are having their lives destroyed by the psychos who hold the general public hostage to their greed and power trips. Worry about getting the crooked politicians who enable the greed out of office next year.

When we get this country running correctly and people are working again, when our bridges aren't falling down and our roads aren't falling apart, when the rich pay their fair share, when we're not bogged down in endless war, when our seniors don't have to decide between medication and cat food, when families aren't afraid they'll go bankrupt if one of their kids gets sick, when any American who wants a job can get one, I'd welcome a debate about the morality of killing a terrorist or a tyrant who has done nothing but kill innocents (or incite others to kill innocents). Until then, stop your crying over these people who would just as soon kill you as look at you. As a country, we should all sleep a little better at night knowing these assholes are pushing up daisies.

As Isaac Asimov said many years ago: "Never let your morals prevent you from doing what's right."


Gordon said...

I'm with you all the way. I must be mellowing in my old age, but I think we have more people in this country who need to be ridiculed, humiliated, and shunned than killed, although there are some I'd pull the trigger on myself and never lose a moment's sleep over.

David Aquarius said...

Even though I am an avowed Liberal and progressive, I've found that certain individuals have, through their inhumane decisions and actions, completely worn out their welcome in the human race and therefore should be recycled.

I got a list...

Oldfool said...

Well said.

Bustednuckles said...

Damn sir, that was a great rant and I second it as well said.

In this day and age, a return to some old fashioned ways is a good way to take care of some old fashioned mass murderers.

Kill 'em dead and problem solved.