Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Magical seashells of fun and horror

If it's Wednesday it's Morford on a philosophical bent.

So here is my humble advice in this nautilus-deprived world: Do not be one of those people. Do not succumb to the boring hellpit of teeming misery. It's just too easy. Care deeply, love messily, handle your own karma like an awestruck child handles a pile of wet clay. As the mystics remind us again and again, it's the only thing that ever seems to work.

Okay then.

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Oldfool said...

One of these magical creatures that humans are eliminating is likely to be the keystone to human life on earth. I wonder if we have destroyed it already or if that is to come yet. Life itself will not be destroyed I believe but enough so that humans are no longer self-sustaining. When they are gone there is plenty of time to do it all again and maybe this time humans won't be part of the mix. At least that's the way it goes in my reality.

And as you said "Okay then".