Monday, October 24, 2011

"No jobs for anyone until Obama's gone!"

From a 'must read' by William Rivers Pitt:

"Despicable" is not a muscular enough word to describe this sad catastrophe of a document. Leaving aside all the gibberish about global socialist conspiracies and Obama's dictatorial tyranny - truly, all that is simply too stupid to reckon with - what we have here is a far-right activist group demanding that millions of unemployed people be denied gainful employment for no other reason than the Tea Party does not like the president.

No jobs for anyone until Obama is gone. Got it? The suffering being endured by so many Americans in the aftermath of the very economic policies championed in this declaration have no bearing on the present. Screw you, screw me, screw everyone, until these people have their way. If even one person in America heeds this call and refuses to hire anyone in need of a job, that will be a disaster of enormous proportions, for it will stand as the clearest indication yet that we are not our brother's keeper, that we are a cruel and selfish people, that we are hopeless possibly beyond all redemption.

This declaration is fishwrap, and I devoutly hope it is treated as such by anyone unfortunate enough to be confronted with it. It is the strongest signal yet that people like this Melissa Brookstone and her Tea Party friends - indeed, anyone who thinks the above declaration is a good idea - must be kept as far out of political power as can be managed within the boundaries of the law.

The Teabaggers are deluded to the point that they actually think everybody agrees with them. I'm glad this 'bagette actually went public with this, which McConnell and other Repugs in Congress subscribe to but wouldn't dare say out loud..


Anonymous said...

For Melissa the Martyr, and for the Tea Party Nation, only one side is allowed to vilify, demonize, denigrate, attack, threaten and dehumanize their opponents, and only one side has license to say whatever is necessary to promote their agenda, no matter how dangerous or damaging it is to their fellow countrymen and to their nation. And of course, that side is the one Melissa the Martyr shares with her Tea Party brethren. The fact that the rest of America doesn’t know this truth to be self evident? Well, that is unjust, unfair, unreasonable, and frankly un-American as far as Melissa the Martyr and the Tea Party Nation are concerned! >

Anonymous said...

Frankly, sounds like the whole lot of 'em need to be put in a rubber room somewhere....