Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wearing My Debate Fatigues

Will Durst with a funny and long (for him, not for you) take on the retarded panderfest called the GOP "debates".

Time to sound the alarm on an ominous political epidemic sweeping the nation today. A feverish America finds itself larynx deep in the throes of a severe case of debate fatigue. As evidenced by the most recent gathering of GOP candidates in Nevada, which by any unofficial tally should count as the 367th debate in the past four months with about 519 to go before an actual nominee is grudgingly settled upon.

[...] Mirroring the emotions of their constituents, the candidates are starting to get on each other’s nerves like somebody else’s disco music pinning the red in a bathroom with stainless steel walls.

I have torn bathrooms apart with my bare hands for less...

...and Newt Gingrich may have scuttled his entire campaign by vowing, as nominee, to engage President Obama in a series of seven three- hour long debates. Smooth move. Like telling a man with heartburn you plan on serving nothing but jalapeno burritos for dinner the next two weeks. And the sour cream has curdled. Plenty of Tabasco, though.

Ah, such a 'morning after' should only be Neutie's...

Luckily for everybody, the next debate is more than three weeks hence. Plenty of time to grab some air and arrange a few photo- ops in stately poses such as handing out Halloween candy and voting. Not forgetting the most important presidential business of all, begging for more money. Power ties off. Knee pads on.

Plenty more. Enjoy.


Fixer said...

Could John McCain’s punch drunk staggering be attributed to the head blows he sustained over six months of these internecine conflicts four years ago?

Heh ...

Fixer said...

Luckily for everybody, the next debate is more than three weeks hence.