Thursday, October 27, 2011

One of the reasons ...

I have dogs.

Thanks to Skippy for the link.


BadTux said...

Yeah, dogs will eat anything. That's why you never need to scoop the cat litter box to get the cat turds out if you have a dog too.

-- Badtux the "YUCK!" Penguin

Fixer said...

Mine think rabbit shit is a delicacy.

BadTux said...

Last dog I owned thought shoe leather was a delicacy (just call me Shoeless Tux -- well, at least back then, which was more decades ago than I like to think about :). And cable TV cables where they came into the house (hey, we didn't really need cable TV anyhow, right?). And the door frame right outside the kitchen back door into the back yard where he lived most of the time. And plastic gas can filler spouts. And frisbees, he loved retrieving frisbees but if you didn't take them away from him afterwards then he'd turn it into plastic chunks coming out the other end of his digestive system. And ... uhm, I think that dog had an eating disorder. As in, if it didn't bite back, eat it was his prime directive. (He gave the cats a wide berth though, a few swats to the nose with claws extended convinced him of the unwisdom of trying *that* one!).

My cats eat kibble, and like it. Well, not really *like*, but all that their whining accomplishes is to ventilate their lungs, since kibble is what they get, whether they like it or not, so that's what they eat, whining all the way about how mean I am.

- Badtux the Cat-abusing(*) Penguin
(Well, if you listen to what the fat furballs say at mealtime, anyhow!).

Gordon said...

Yeah, my dogs ain't exactly finicky eaters either. It's like, "Hey! This looks like it might be food! If it ain't, I can always throw it up later."