Friday, March 30, 2012

ASU College Republicans: "The Right to Vote is Too Important to Give to Everyone"

No, not Arizona State. Read on.


The local Republican Party is pretty much in shambles. The George Bush/Dick Cheney Administration killed the Party off as rural people finally decided they'd been had on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and their dead and buried kids had died for nothing but lies.

So the Tea Party came riding into town to save the day and rebrand the conservative image. Most of the local Tea Party members don't look anything like the rest of us here. The leaders are high-heeled women who wear pearls when they "garden" and impressive diamond jewelry to local public hearings. It's clear they've never put in a day's work in their lives. But, by god, they're determined to whip the rest of us into submission.

Which brings me to the debate forum between the Appalachian State University (my em) College Democrats and College Republicans this past Tuesday night.

Appalachia. Do these young Repug punks even know where they are?

The deer began to put their texting on hold when they heard the College Republicans argue that, among other things, women had no rights to mandatory insurance coverage for contraception: "if women want to avoid getting pregnant, they should stop having sex" and "just because I want a diet coke every hour doesn't mean the taxpayers should have to pay for it." (One of the College Democratic debaters asked him if he'd ever had a period.)

There was other "good stuff." The College Republicans argued that prison life was really just a piece of cake ("they get cigarettes, gourmet food and a soft mattress"), and the proposed same-sex Constitutional Amendment that will be on our primary ballot this May is essential because gay and lesbian couples' children are more likely to commit heinous crimes and do poorly in school.

Not only have the College Repunks never had a period, or gotten laid for that matter, they've never been in jail either. Doesn't stop them from knowing everything.

Then there was this:

A motorcycle mechanic friend of mine once said that "college is where you go to get your conscience removed".

I disagree. Pretty hard to get something removed that you grew up being taught you didn't need anyway because you were born to the privileged class and know what's best for everybody else.

These kids have a lot to learn, and they won't learn it hanging around with other dumbass Repug kids. That's OK. They don't want to be burdened with facts, much less the truth.


Anonymous said...

Ah, the idea the only the PROPERTIED class should have the right to vote! Haven't we been down this road before?

The Repbubs: moving the country about 1832....

Gordon said...

Let Frothy Mixture in and we'll rocket forward to the Holy Roman Empire.

Fixer said...

Kids learn a conscience (unless they're sociopaths and then they should be drowned) from their parents and relatives. All these fucking idiots have learned from their parents is "I got mine and fuck everybody else".