Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Just one before I head out. Seems it costs me and the Mrs. a couple grand a year to pay for everybody's healthcare who isn't insured. I think they should carry this if they don't want to be in the system.

Stolen from the Being Liberal FB page.

*Do Not Treat


Gordon said...

"Free riders" who can afford insurance but don't want to buy it should simply be made to pay for their health care out of their own pockets. Once their wages are garnisheed and a lien placed on everything they own they'll get the message.

Everybody pays, everybody gets.

Like the sticker in my truck, in English and Spanish, "Ass, gas, or grass. Nobody rides for free". "Gas, culo, o mota. Nadie viaje gratis."

Gordon said...

The DNT card is now mass quantity printable at:

I think...