Monday, July 2, 2012

All Bark, No Bite: On False Bravado Becoming the Right Wing's Signature Characteristic

No shit.

This post at Kos offers three prime examples. Some of the usual suspects.

For years, we've heard a lot of tough talk from conservatives -- threats and promises and chest-beatings -- intended to be argumentation. Intended to convince the masses of the rightness of their position.

But these moments are really one thing: defense mechanisms used by cowards who, when backed into a corner, resort to loud barking and the baring of teeth.

But they rarely bite. Because there's nothing there. Nothing.

They're all like, "I'm gonna kick yer ass, ya godless commie fuck" and then run like little girls when you take one step toward them to offer them the chance to make good on it. Heh.


Fixer said...

God, I'm so tired of their bullshit. It seems like a lot of Americans are too ... finally.

merlallen said...

they don't run away from females. that's it. i've seen pictures of them attacking young and old women. any woman in my family would beat the shit out of any 3 of them.