Monday, July 2, 2012

Willard's New Logo


It turns out that the implications of David Corn's explosive scoop about how Mitt Romney misrepresented his role in Bain's investment in a medical-waste firm that disposed of aborted fetuses goes far beyond that specific investment. [...]

Disposed of aborted fetuses. Make up your own inappropriate (it could be nothing else) discarded aborted fetuses joke.

He's going to lose even more of the tiny-brained over this. Except for those who see through this made-up liberal smear, of course.


Fixer said...

Hey, the tiny-brained already forgot he was a Mormon, they'll be able to live with this too. They'll abandon their principles in a second if they think they'll gain from it.

Fixer said...

... discarded aborted fetuses ...

Mormon Soylent Green.

Gordon said...

Yeah, my joke involved what can go into a hot dog.