Monday, July 2, 2012

Obama Is Winning

Good. Time Swampland

Conservative horcrux Karl Rove is out with his first official electoral college projection of 2012 and… it’s really bullish on Obama. Rove has South Carolina, which McCain won by 9 points in 2008, rated as a toss-up, and Texas – Texas – merely leaning Republican. The result, in Rove’s model, is 284 electoral votes within Obama’s grasp, 172 for Romney and 82 toss-ups.

I'm a little disturbed that Turdblossom sees things that clearly, unlike all the wingnut gasbags and Willard surrogates, but I guess they're paid to do that. Rove gets richer no matter who wins.

The only way Willard will win is if the lies and fearmongering cause a smokin' Repug turnout and nobody comes out for the O-Man, but I think we learned our lesson about that in 2010 please God. And maybe a lot of tampering with the results. I put nothing, but nothing, past the Repugs.


Grung_e_Gene said...

That he is winning is driving them insane.

Fixer said...

... I think we learned our lesson about that in 2010 please God.

That's the prayer I say every night before bed.

David Aquarius said...

This year, voting will be like getting a colonoscopy. Not something you want to do, uncomfortable as hell but ultimately a good thing considering the alternative.

By the way, if the Repugs win, the 'procedure' will be continuously applied for another four years.

Gordon said...

Dry, with a telephone pole. An actual colonoscopy would be too much like "health care" for the Repugs.