Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rep. Joe Walsh Is Total Cockhead

Like DUH and agreed. El Rude-o on what that piece o' shit Walsh said about Tammy Duckworth:

[...] Good job, there, Illinois 8th. Walsh is one of the most worthless pieces of GOP shit in a turd pile that goes up to the sky.

That's hard to do. Takes natural born talent to out-worthless those bastards.

You know what a real hero doesn't do? Attack the honorable service of a veteran. But, then again, that's just the kind of skeevy shit you expect when a Republican goes up against a man or woman who can kick their asses, with or without legs.

Repugs have no honor and think Rush Limpbaugh and other draft dodgers are heroes and great patriots. I think Ms. Duckworth is going to do the whole country a favor and whip this punk on election day and get his ass out of public view forever.


Rachel weighs in:

First, I would hope that sane politicians would know better than to argue, during a time of war, about a double-amputee, that veterans should just shut up about their decorated service to their country. If Republicans were held to sensible rhetorical standards, this little incident would go in the "career ender" category.

If Repugs were held to sensible rhetorical standards there wouldn't be a Repuglican't party, and "career ender" is the result we're hoping for.

Second, it's not up to Joe Walsh, who's never worn a military uniform, to decide who qualifies or doesn't qualify as a "true hero." [...]

Walsh wouldn't know a "true hero" if she bit him on the ass. It ain't like in the movies, Joey boy, which is the nearest you're ever going to get to "honor".


Fixer said...

This guy just flushed any chance of re-election with that statement. Congratulations, Tammy!

Theo said...

I hope Fixer is right, but too many people will buy what Walsh is selling. Remember, Chambliss beat Max Cleland in Georgia way back when and Bush beat Kerry in 2004. Republicans know how to make military service a liability in politics.