Tuesday, November 6, 2012

4 More Years

America won tonight.

The fun will begin tomorrow when the Repugs go to war with themselves over who is to blame. It will be fun to watch so lay in extra popcorn. There will be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth and rending of garments, not to mention whining, moaning, snivelling, bitching, kvetching, complaining, and much fingerpainting, oops, sorry, fingerPOINTING (although there may be some of the other as well). Note to the GOP: look inward, my brothers. I know exactly why they lost and I'm interested to see if they can figure it out by their next chance in 2024. 


montag said...

The GOP still holds the House and the Orange Boner and his butt weasel Cantor will continue to do everything they can to prevent the darkie in the White House from doing his job. It has become the only purpose of the Republicans.

David Aquarius said...

The great thing about this election is that the progressive agenda got its validation. For years, faux Dems (Blue Dogs, ConservaDems, backstabbers, etc.) tried everything in their power to look Republican and got their clocks cleaned. Today, we can say with impunity that going to the right is WRONG!

There's still vast pockets of bullshit ignorance out there but we needn't worry about them. Their worst enemy is the calendar. Their influence will wane as more of them take the big dirt nap.

The GOP is too old, too white and too male.

Now, let's savor the victory but realize that this is just the ticket to get into the game; we haven't won yet.

Gordon said...

You guys are both right, but it's our day to gloat. We'll be back on our knees in the shithole that is politics soon enough.

bob plt187 said...

Doom is coming and you elected it. Congratulations! The DOW lost 313 points today due only to Obama's reelection. How many billions is that out of we old peoples 401 ks and IRAs. Today I am not finger pointing, I'm worrying about survival.

bearsense said...

Now, they eat their young