Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Republicans' last hurrah

USA Today

The Republican Party's last hurrah is fast approaching. The GOP's coming demise may not be obvious from the outcome of this election, but I think it's all but certain.

I'm not talking about the Republican Party that was created in the 1850s by opponents of slavery. That GOP drew its last breath a long time ago. It was trampled to death by the herds of anti-civil rights Democrats,social conservatives and money-grubbers that started swelling the Republican Party's ranks in the 1960s.

Since then, the core of the Grand Old Party has consisted mainly of the rearguard of those who oppose the social and cultural changes the civil rights movement ushered in, and a small band of greedy plutocrats who seek to profit from such intolerance. In recent years, this eclectic group of Republicans has been joined by the Tea Partiers, a collection of small-government, anti-tax, no-compromising political activists. The common strand that laces through all these groups is race: Their membership is nearly all white.

It is this lack of diversity that is plunging the party toward extinction. [...]
Faster! Faster!

Sure, Republicans have had a lot of success racking up election victories with little help from black and Hispanic voters, but that's not going to continue very far into the future.

Like a dying sun, the GOP's impending doom is masked by a final burst of energy that might keep it competitive through a couple more election cycles. But as the nation's demographics change, the Republican Party is destined for the political scrap heap in the not-too-distant future.
Best news I've had all day.

We need more than one party - three would be good - but the current Repugs ain't one of them.


Jimbo said...

Not only is the GOP overwhelmingly white but it is increasingly an old person's party and increasingly rural and small town. So the ethnicity and demographic changes are also dooming it.

Scroff said...

Seems most of my neighbors are voting Romney. I'm an island in a storm....

Gordon said...

George, just grin at 'em. :-)