Thursday, November 8, 2012

"A fool and his money are soon parted"

Well, my theme yesterday was "America Won!". Today it seems to be about recrimination and backlash on the right, top and bottom alike, which is every bit as cheerful!

Romney Donors Complain They Were Ripped Off And Lied To
Shorter: Waaaaaaaaaaah!

No, you're co-conspirators in the fraud that was attempted to be pulled on the American people. A campaign about nothing and with no values, true positions or consistency.

In the end, these tools are still about money and themselves. Are they upset at their lost chance to serve the nation? To make history? To achieve great things? To serve their citizens for a higher purpose? To do good and serve benevolently? No, they're pissed they lost some cash. Pathetic.

You know what guys? You hang out with trash long enough, pretty soon you start smelling like it. The Romney crew was trash. They didn't care about anything other than power. They're not in it to tell truth to power. To serve the people. They're there to tilt things back to the folks they approve of and themselves. Period. Fuck them. Fuck their whole ilk. I hope the whole lot of them is declaring bankruptcy in a year. They suck. They are despicable. They deserved to lose even worse than they did and they have zero respect for America, democracy, honesty, higher callings and most of the American people.
That last paragraph summed up eight+ years of the Brain.

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