Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kick Rocks, Turdblossom

Good read by Plaid Adder.

Mr. Rove, I have been keeping your political eulogy on ice for years now, waiting for the moment when I coudl finally and definitively say: you are done. And glory hallelujiah, the moment has arrived.

"He used his own data." That tells the sad, enraging, corrupt and gut-wrenching story of 2004 in a nutshell. It's painful looking back on that.

But you know what? I LOVE knowing that in 2012, he sat there on FOX News and tried to pull the same stunt...and nobody listened to him. Not even the delusional bastards at FOX News. Instead, they basically laughed at him...or thought, as one of their newscasters said as they cut back to McCormick Place, "AWKWARD!"

I guess Rove never made it back into the reality-based community after 2004. He was evidently unable to accept the idea that citing his secret Ohio data would not be enough to swing this one. And do you know why, Karl? Because after eight years of Bush and four years of Obama there were just not enough people left in America who were dumb enough to sign up for four years of Romney. No, not even in Ohio. No, not even after voter suppression and whatever other shenanigans your pals organized out there. ...

Because, after four years of a president who has something to offer besides humiliation, greed, and contempt, Karl, the American people no longer love the way you lie.

Because the number of bigoted white men willing to believe any bullshit as long as it makes them feel like they're king of the world is no longer a large enough percentage of the population to swing an election. Or even to swing Ohio.
I'd still like to have five minutes alone with that roly-poly piece o' shit sonofabitch before the billionaires have him killed. I hope he's found in a shallow grave with his arm sticking straight up with a fanned-out deck of cards in his hand. Now there's a cheery thought.


Anonymous said...

No grave, take him up the Amazon to where the piranhas feed.

Gordon said...

Why would I want to poison poor innocent piranhas?

SB Gypsy said...

Me? I hope he manages to deflect their fury, and succeeds in getting them to give him even MORE millions four years from now(right down the toilet). He's a pathetic has been, but the conservatives never seem to learn.