Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hater Gasbag Tanks Stocks


The Rush Limbaugh Show is distributed to 600 radio stations via several radio industry networks. The show is syndicated by privately-held Premiere Networks, which contracts with Cumulus Media, Dial Gobal, and other networks to secure broad access in as many media markets as possible.

On Friday, November 16, Dial Global took a huge financial hit, resulting in the company voluntarily de-listing from NASDAQ. Dial Global's stock dropped by nearly 77 percent. The company identified three causes for its troubles, including "advertisers' response to controversial statements by a certain nationally syndicated talk radio personality in MARCH 2012."

Now, it is becoming apparent that Cumulus is also a troubled company. Dial Gobal appears to be on the ropes; Cumulus is, so far, failing to thrive. Both companies have publicly blamed Rush.


One hopes that millions of AM radios in F150s will fall forever silent when that pusillanimous puke racist gasbag is shown the door. Or at least replaced by some equally hateful local preacher sponsored by the feed store on stations that don't reach a mile from the transmitter.


Anonymous said...
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Gordon said...

Above comment was spam, whole buncha links to something about Canada geese. Yeesh.

montag said...

Well, Canada geese do mate for life, unlike Rush. :}

Gordon said...

Good point! He's on wife No. ?, each of whom thought they would be a rich widow. One of them will connect. Soon, I hope.

David Aquarius said...

I used to work for one of those radio stations back in '76. I was shown the door on Easter when I played the soundtrack from the musical 'Jesus Christ Superstar'.

Took only three songs in for the program manager to get to the station and boot my ass to the curb.