Monday, November 19, 2012

"Ley de fuga" - Lynch Law in Arpaio's AZ

I guess "show me your papers" isn't enough for that asshole.

Raw Story

Newly re-elected Sheriff Joe Arpaio on Thursday pledged to put an automatic weapon in the hands of every Maricopa Country deputy because “[m]ore and more illegal aliens are attempting to escape.”

In the United States, the cops generally aren't supposed to shoot you simply for running from them. Run from a cop in Mexico, however, and the next thing you will feel is a .45 round between your shoulder blades. This is because Mexico uses "Ley de Fuga". This is nothing new. Note the date at the link.

The lynch law of Latin American justice is the "ley de fuga" (law of flight). This is supposed to empower police to shoot fleeing prisoners, but in practice often means that a troublesome prisoner is set free, then drilled before he can scoot out of range. From León in Mexico's State of Guanajuato last week came a tale of ley de fuga perfect except in one particular.

With seven bullets in his back, Cattleman Tomas Manrique was found by passers-by and bundled off to a hospital. There he explained that after having been falsely arrested for stealing 50 head of cattle, he was set free in a deserted spot. Before Tomas Manrique had taken three steps toward liberty, a rattling volley cracked. He expected to make ley de juga history by recovering.

This comes at a bad time for "Loco Joe". From Think Progress:

The United States has hit net zero on illegal immigration, as fewer people are trying to cross the border illegally. In fact, a recent report found that more Mexicans appear to be leaving the United States for Mexico than are leaving Mexico for the U.S.A for the first time since the Great Depression.

Arpaio made his bones on being hard on undocumented immigrants. Less of them means his power is waning and he might have to use his deputies for arresting people for, you know, real crimes which won't get him near enough publicity.

Better to keep the populace in fear of The Little Brown Other by arming his deputies to the teeth to protect themselves from the backs of running Mexicans. I hope the deputies are smart enough to realize that an autopsy report that shows CoD to be multiple bullet holes in the back of an otherwise innocent person will be cause for Arpaio to throw them under the bus for their bad judgment, never his.

Someone's inevitably going to die because of this. Sorry 'bout that, chief, but I hope it unseats Arpaio so it will not have been in vain.


CAFKIA said...

Seems to me that if they would fire those rounds at a range or an IPSC course, they would not need full auto weaponry. 1-3 well placed rounds will certainly do anything that can be accomplished by spray and pray.

Gordon said...

It's all BSPR to make him sound tough. I don't think very much will come of it.

herlanderwalking said...

I have a lot of friends in Arizona. All of them of Mexican ancestry. I worry a lot about them with asshats like Arpaio running around thinking he is the fucking Lone Ranger.

Gordon said...

Tell 'em to keep their cabezas down!

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