Friday, June 24, 2011

Joke of the Day

Like Mitt Romney, Governor Goodhair of Texas only has a sense of humor if it's politically expedient. Also, like Mitt Romney, he can't tell a joke or read his audience:

Perry reportedly joked that he liked how a man named Jose Cuevas had been appointed to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission because his name sounds like Jose Cuervo, a brand of tequila. The joke fell flat.

Dipshit. Oh please, please, please run for President. There's a couple more spots left in the Republican Clown Car. If anything, it's gonna be entertaining*.

*And not because of the jokes ... or maybe more so.


Gordon said...

There's no wingnut who can be funny on purpose. I got reminded of that last night when I saw a clip of Dennis Miller. 'Right-wing humor' is an oxymoron.

montag said...

To Governor Good Hair Dumbass's credit he left out the Frito Bandito joke.

David Aquarius said...

Why is it that whenever I see any of the Repug frontrunners on the TV, I hear the theme from Benny Hill?

Is it just me?

Fixer said...

I hear the clown music from the circus.

Gordon said...

clown music

And off-key to boot.