Monday, June 20, 2011

Oh, the irony...

Ironic Times

Planeloads of Cash Sent to Iraq Missing
Those with knowledge of the missing $6 billion urged to call WeTip.

Workers' Share of National Income Hits New Low
Better to quit your job and inherit a fortune, say experts.

Japanese Researchers Synthesize Meat From Human Excrement
Goes great with bottle of recycled urine.

Big whoop. McDonald's has been doing that for years.

Study: Magic Mushrooms Could Have Health Benefits
Much more testing needed, say subjects.

Where do I sign up?!!!

Playboy Puts Entire 57 Years Online
Hailed as nostalgic stroll down mammary lane.

Oh boy! I don't even have to hold it up with my other hand now! Ain't these interwebs great?


Fixer said...

Shit, I ain't hadda hold a magazine since I got the Intarwebs 15 years ago. ;)

Gordon said...

I guess I'm behind the times. Dead tree in one hand, live one in the other...

David Aquarius said...

I actually got a letter published by Playboy back in 1980. I wrote a comment about their recent article about the Ayatollah Khomeini. It ended up in the June issue with Dorothy Statton on the cover as Playmate of the Year. It's one of the most sought after back issues.

I should look it up.
Good Gawd, that was fucking 30 years ago...damn!

Gordon said...

Tempus fuckin' fugits, don't it?