Monday, June 20, 2011

Obama lookalike Kicked Off Stage At Repug "Leadership" Convention.

Crooks and Liars, with video.

I tell you, Klassy with a "K", these GOPers:

Three K's, Nicole.

Brown took the stage to laughter a few shouts of "Where's your birth certificate?"

Hoo! That's a knee-slapper there! Hey, remember when liberals couldn't criticize the president in a time of war because that made meant the terrorists won?

Some of the jokes were actually pretty funny. Good jokes are rarely in good taste, however.

More videos at YouTube, Part 1 and Part 2. The jokes that got his mic cut off and got him asked to leave the stage start at about 6:00 of part 2. Everything was going along OK until he started in on the Repug presidential candidates and the last straw was when he started in on the mental midget from Minnesota,

IOKIYAR to say any vile and untrue thing about Obama/Dems/liberals on F** or in Congress - our house - but to kid them in their house is beyond the pale. Thin skinned bastards when the joke's on them. They can kiss my ass.

Note to Mr. Brown: Gettin' kicked off the stage is the best thing that ever happened to your career! You got the Repugs nose outta joint and they've made you a star! You've got your 15 minutes. Run with it!


Fixer said...

Yeah, they are thin-skinned little bastids. Remember when Colbert made their shit list? They were apoplectic.

Gordon said...

Fuck 'em.

montag said...

Just like the late Vaughn Meader with JFK, Mr Brown has Obama's style down pat. Polish up his materiel and he'll be playing Vegas soon.

Gordon said...

I too had thought of the Vaughn Meader comparison. I actually have his JFK LP. Mr. Brown will hopefully have a longer run. Mr. Meader's career came to pretty much a screeching halt on 22 Nov 63.