Thursday, June 23, 2011

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Reps. Barney Frank (D-MA) and Ron Paul (R-TX) will introduce legislation on Thursday to the U.S. House of Representatives that ends the federal prohibition on marijuana.

There's more, but 'Frank and Paul' is all you have to read. Nice try, gents, but that's the end of that. The two libs (-eral and -ertarian) don't have a snowball's chance in hell against the liquor, pharmaceutical, and prison lobbies.


David Aquarius said...

Yep, this one is destined for the dustbin. One good thing is that it's breaking through the news cycle. Rather than being overshadowed by the latest missing blonde girl, it's actually getting the rotation of news talkers.

Here in WA, we have a couple of 'high' profile do-gooders like Seattle City Atty Pete Holmes, former US Atty John McKay who are proposing a new initiative to allow recreational use of cannabis. They are better funded and have 'establishment' cred versus the DFH's like myself. However, there are a lot of caveats in the fine print.

Meanwhile, there's I-1149 which is slowly gathering signatures for the November ballot. 241,000 by July 1st? Big hill, low gas. Which brings me to the crux of it. Do we support a lesser bill that has a better chance of seeing the light of election day or stick to your guns, take the loss of the better bill and work for another day?

I'm still conflicted, but for one thing...we can't make this personal. One bill or the other, we have to make sure we fight prohibition, not each other.

Gordon said...

My advice (free advice is always worth what you pay for it) is go for the best you can get NOW and work from there. Tomorrow never comes.

Fixer said...

What Herr Aquarius said.

Fixer said...

... go for the best you can get NOW and work from there.

Unfortunately, we have yet to see the best Mr. Obama can do.

Gordon said...

That is correct.

David Aquarius said...

The next step after prohibition ends is David Aquarius becoming Mr. Greenjeans!

Just give me 40 acres and a mule (and a tray of Northern Lights/White Widow clones) and I'll be a happy man. And popular too!

DBK said...

My 89 year old dad had a serious brush with cancer last month and may require more treatment. There's a lot still up in the air, such as whether they will want him to do chemo or radiation or anything. If he needs it and wants it, though, my brother and I will move heaven and earth to get him some pot cookies to get him past the effects of the treatment. They can pass all the laws they want to, but if my dad is hurting and there is a medication that will help him, the law won't stop me from helping him.

With regard to marijuana, the law is a complete ass and it is obvious to everyone. The fact is, the people want marijuana to be legal, but the corporations don't, so we don't get legal marijuana because this country has been bought and paid for.

"Government of, by, and for the people" my left nut. That one HAS perished from this earth.

Gordon said...

It's not only the corporations that are against it. It's the anti-fun people too.

DBK said...

If the corporations got out of the way, the anti-fun people wouldn't be able to stop it.

I think my dad would like it a lot if he tried it, and since he's also got macular degeneration, it might help with that. There was this article in the Washington Post about how smoking it increases other risks, but nobody mentions the fact that you can make a cookie and eat the stuff with the same health benefits.

David Aquarius said...

DBK, smoking isn't the only way to receive the medicine. You mention cookies or edibles. They're great but should be made by someone experienced in cannabis baking, using pure strains (organic, if possible) This insures control over dosage and reduces any toxicity of the product.

Another method of delivery that can be used is tinctures. THC and CBD's (active elements of cannabis) are not water soluble, they only dissolve in fats (butter or olive oil) or solvents like alcohol or glycerin. Tinctures are made with these solvents (edible, of course) so that patients can dose accurately. Many dispensaries have them in specific strains and flavors. I know of one lady who has made tinctures that taste like Jolly Ranchers. (not for KIDS!)

Best of luck with your dad, I hope you and your brother can find the medicine he may need to alleviate the side effects of his treatment.

DBK said...

Thanks for the good wishes. They finally know what to do: 6 weeks of radiation treatments, once a day, five days a week. Prognosis: full recovery. My folks are relieved just to have the uncertainty over with. I think he'll be okay. He probably won't need anything "extra".