Friday, July 8, 2011

Murdoch on the Run?

Politics Plus, with video.

After Rupert Murdoch’s phone hacking scandal in the UK, spun out of control, he followed typical right wing logic, he closed the paper, costing hundreds of journalists and workers their jobs, to deflect the scandal and save the job of one corporate criminal. It isn’t working and, although it appears limited to the UK, there is actually a US connection too important to ignore.

And there it is. The man who was overseeing the criminal activity, who subsequently engineered the cover-up and lied to Parliament is Les Hinton. Les Hinton is now the Publisher of the Wall Street Journal.

Republican policy is to concentrate America’s information sources in as few hands as possible. Those belonging to Rupert Murdock do not even deserve the Republican Ministry of propaganda, Faux Noise, let alone the WSJ.

Maybe his heart'll blow. Or his liver. Or his ass. Whatever.


The Rude One

Everything You Need to Know About Your American Media in Three Stories:

2. According to the magical Nexis machine, in the past week, Fox "news" has mentioned, on air, the horrific scandal involving dead children, soldiers, and terrorism victims, and its parent company, News Corp a grand total of just once, on Bret Baier's comedy hour of alleged news, and just to say that Rupert Murdoch's son is shutting down the News of the World because its employees bribed cops and hacked into phones of dead kids. The story lasted about 30 seconds.

CNN has been all over the controversy, which has resulted in the arrest, among others, of a former official for David Cameron. MSNBC has at least spent a little time. But, as with most things, Fox viewers are blissfully unaware. (By the way, we're at the tip of the huge iceberg of awfulness involving one of the largest media companies in America and its CEO, who is, you know, a naturalized American. One would think that the American media would be all over this.)

One would be wrong.


Fixer said...

I thought Nancy "Helmet" Grace's head was gonna explode when the verdict came down.

Fixer said...

And by the way, it'll take a lot more than this to run Murdoch outta town.

Gordon said...

Yeah, our town. They done pretty much run him outta London, though. I think he should just go back and finish the job of making a mess outta Oz, not that they'd notice.

Gordon said...

It won't, but it'd be fun ta watch!

Gordon said...

Ooops. Last comment shoulda been one post down.

Anonymous said...

I'm betting 20 to 1, that all News of The World records and computer equipment are being shredded and will be deep in an unknown landfill within a month.

No records, no convictions. No convictions, Murdoch buys the rest of Sky. The level he bribes at, the "investigation" won't proceed until all records possible are destroyed and ol' Rupert tells his minions to go ahead.