Saturday, July 9, 2011

This'll getcher toes a-tappin'!

I heard this song last night almost by accident on one of the three hundred or so 24/7 music channels on my TV ("Tropicales") and liked it. I hope you will too. This was a big hit in 2010. I looked for a live performance. Found one!

Daniel Moncion y Alexandra ~ Vamonos

Thanks to JNJulio.


PasserBy said...

Bachata is cool music, it's like the blues of the Dominican Republic.

Sarge said...

I am inclined to approve of the internet because of the availability of music, and the fact that you can find oldies and groups that you thought were long gone.

I mentioned to my oldest son before I went in the hospital last week that I'd been trying to find a C & W song I'd heard in the '60s, either Red Sovine or Tex Ritter had sung it, I wasn't sure. Turned out to have have been Ritter.

But it was about a man waiting for a person who was "Comin' After Jinny".
Son says he knows it, bids me wait a minute, and reads it to me.
It's a Shel Silverstein poem (he's a great fan, I've raised my sons right!)and he finds out that there are downloads available.
They are of Burl Ives, but I like Burl, too, so now I have it!
I'd like to hear Loudon Wainwright III or Tom Russell do it, it'd be marvellous.

The "boss" of our mariachi band finds performances, and I watch and listen to them so we can do our own arrangements. How cool is that? Once it was science fiction, now it's fact.

Gordon said...

Thanks, PasserBy, I was wondering what 'bachata' meant.

Sarge, good music is simply where you find it.