Thursday, September 15, 2011

Headline of the Day

Apocalyptic GOP Is Dragging Us Into a Civil War

IMNSHO it will start when some probably right-wing extremists show that they can wrest the "monopoly on violence" away from some police department in order to impose their own rule on some citizenry somewhere. That's as opposed to simply using the police to do the same thing while they "serve and protect" the Masters Of The Universe.

It will be a battle for control over the forces of evil on the right. It will be a civil war I can live with. Us lefties can shoot at both sides. Watch out for the crossfire. Heh.


Think I'm kidding?

The 11 craziest things in Rick Perry’s ‘Fed Up’ manifesto

1. Wresting power back from the federal government is the battle of our time.

I rest my case.


DBK said...

The lack of historical knowledge or even common sense among the teabaggers is amazing. While they speak in reverential tones of the Constitution, they know little of its history. The battle between central and distributed power has been a central theme in the country since its inception. Every one of us had to study Federalism and Anti-federalism in grammar school, but it seems that only a few of us remember those lessons. I'm pretty sure Rick Perry never understood them. What is rarely mentioned or perceived is that Jefferson was Anti-federalist until he was actually president, at which point he increased the power of the executive branch without so much as a "by your leave". The Louisiana Purchase? Totally unconstitutional.

Another curious thing is that many teabaggers rely on Jefferson as their symbol, but Jefferson had nothing to do with the Constitution. I think he was in France when it was written. Madison, a great administrator, was the big gun in the drafting of the Constitution. He was a strong Anti-federalist as well, so they ought to look to him for symbolic leadership.

Fixer said...

Froggy, your 2 paragraph dissertation displayed more knowledge of the Constitution and the Founders than all of the Teabaggers combined.

... they ought to look to him for symbolic leadership.

They couldn't find their ass with a flashlight and two hands tied behind their backs, at noon. Doubt they'd know how to open a history book, let alone understand it. If it don't come on a bumper sticker, they can't comprehend it.

mandt said...

If it don't come on a bumper sticker, they can't comprehend it.---even then, unless the message is short enough to be sounded out.