Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Obama, get your Dick (Cheney) on

If it's Wednesday, it must be Morford.

Bottom line: Despite all his power and formidable intelligence, Obama seems to have no real capacity to deal with, you know, morons.

To say this is the most shamelessly weird, unscrupulous right wing in modern history doesn't seem to adequately capture how far Boehner & Co are willing to go to undermine and sabotage Obama's presidency. They will insult and demean their own constituents, yank insurance from children, hold the world economy hostage, cost the nation hundreds of billions, hobble the FAA, endanger lives, eat their young. And it's not even an election year yet.

To put it bluntly: Obama needs a Dick.

Cheney, that is. One to call his very own.

Of course, what he (or she) wouldn't have is a twitch of remorse when it came time to, say, casually mention to Anderson Cooper that Michelle Bachmann once drunk-dialed him in the middle if the night searching for her suitcase full of oxytocin, or that he once saw Rick Perry stroke a goat at the county fair just a little. Too. Intimately.

With that, er, ag major 'goat in hand' visual firmly in your mind, I bid you go read the rest.


Fixer said...

There is no more time for calm reasoning. There is no more hope for rational conciliation.

Now, if someone will beat that into the President's head, we'd be in good shape.

BadTux said...

He needs Alan Grayson as his chief of staff / chief knuckle buster / all around bad guy. Grayson would have a field day with quotable zingers. His description of the GOP health care plan, "Don't get sick, and if you do, die quickly" is worth all the millions in Obama's campaign fund all by itself.

Having someone like Grayson on staff as the lightning rod would let Obama play the cool dude that he likes to play, without, like, having the right-wing lunatics roll him like a drunk at 2AM on Saturday morning. And it'd be so entertaining that I might even get motivated to go out and vote in November 2012.

- Badtux the Quotable Penguin

sbgypsy said...

He actually HAD his own Cheney, by the name of Rahm Emanuel. Sadly, Rahm took his inspiration from the real Cheney and went after the Democratic party base instead of the republican fat cats.

Seems like we can never win.