Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Quote of the Day II

Following up on Fixer's post, Toure (FF> to 4:25) on some white men's reaction to Cain on The Last Word :

"[...] He keeps going after our women. We don't like that."

Mmmmm. Bad Mandingo*, bad, bad.

*I was going after a book/movie reference. Holy crap! I must lead a sheltered life...


One thing we can thank Cain for is that his every word, and particularly his groping scandal, has opened up opportunities for lotsa black commentators, pundits, etc. They can tell it like it is, where F**Noise and the other wingnut gasbags would holler "racist!" at the top of their not inconsiderable lungs if a white man said the same thing.


Fixer said...

Where da white wimmens at?

Gordon said...

Dude, don't do that! I'm too old ta fall outta my chair like that made me do!