Saturday, November 12, 2011


Subtitle: Our Tax Dollars At Work!

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I couldn't resist this. This is 3 blocks from my house, on Old Brockway Road which is a main road around here.

What this is, is a federally funded bus stop. It's putting guys to work. Well, one guy just then. No point in taking a video of it, he barely moved. Heh.

The American Recovery And Reinvestment Act of 2009
is the proper name for "the stimulus". These signs are all over the place. They shoulda just put "The Stimulus" on it because the teabaggers don't know the actual name of the Act and it's easy for F**Noise and the baggermeisters to convince them the stimulus isn't working.

This is not a waste of money. If you think it is, please come one minute after the bus leaves and wait 59 minutes for the next one in a snowstorm. Just fer grins, bring five kids and a coupla bags of groceries. Then tell me what you think.


Fixer said...

Yeah, we're getting a new overpass and cloverleaf at our exit on the Long Island Expressway. I went by there yesterday and I counted 32 construction workers while I waited for the light to turn green. You know where they get their breakfast and lunch? At the deli up the block from me. They buy their 12-packs of beer there too on their way home.

Gordon said...

Then there's the guys who make and deliver the cement, steel, lumber, etc. Not to mention the signs.

Anonymous said...

Kinda reminds me of some of the CCC projects back in the day . . .

Gordon said...

jeg43, that's exactly right. A lot of those CCC projects are old and falling apart and what we need to rebuild.

David Aquarius said...

Old and falling apart but lasted a lot longer than they should have. Putting people to work fixing our infrastructure isn't 'busy' work like the Rethugs say. It's fixing America's plumbing, floor boards, electrical and sewage.

Not glamorous by any means but something that's long past due.

There's a mountain lodge out here in WA that was built log cabin style with huge timbers and hand carved entrance ways. Inside the main lobby is a mural painted by an artist hired by the WPA. That was his job and he was damned good at it. Almost 75 years after he painted it, it still welcomes visitors. He got paid enough to pay rent, buy food and drink a beer or two on Saturday night. Who can put a value on that? To me, that's one hell of a bargain.

The wingnuts would scream that it was an obscene waste of money but still stay at the lodge.