Wednesday, November 9, 2011

See, Hermie ...

The minute a white woman came forward, let alone 2 now, your goober base is running from you like rodents from Titanic:


Some backstory: During the early days of Cain’s campaign, when his lack of resources and serious press coverage denied him the name ID of other candidates running, his campaign loved flagging the Gallup intensity score, which showed Cain miles ahead of his rivals when it came to positive feelings among Republicans who knew him. Here’s an example of what that sounded like back in May, when pretty much no one knew who Cain was (but the few that did really, really liked him.)

The ratio of people who really liked Cain to those who disliked him basically held (with a couple dips) as he grew in name ID, eventually becoming the national frontrunner and a household name.

On Tuesday, Gallup reported Cain’s positive intensity score is taking a tumble:


By the end of next week it'll be "Herman who?"


David Aquarius said...

Sorry Fix if this seems like an inappropriate rant but I gotta say this.

Last Wednesday, a real good friend of mine accused me of being a bit racist in my opinion of Herman Cain. I was talking about all the shit swirling around him and my buddy said it smacked a bit racist.

That hurt. We've known each other for over 10 years and he's never said this before.

I'll spell it out like I did that night.

It's about power, not race. When a person, regardless of creed or color, elevates themselves into a position of power and influence, their real 'self' comes through. What kind of person they are at their core. Some people use their good fortune to help others, some use it to get more stuff. It's all about personal ethics and this nation's fucked up cult of personality.

Herman Cain amassed a fortune selling pizzas. He surrounded himself with people whose sole purpose was to agree with everything he said and compliment him in saying it. It was like a high pressure hose to the ego.

The same with athletes, movie stars, politicos and other celebrities. Doesn't matter what race, religion or shoe size, money and power in the hands of a jackass will result in stupid shit happening.

Cain's real persona has come through. He hates women or at least feels inadequate around them. His position allowed him to deal with these shortcomings by degrading those ladies he had power over.

In a (wing)nutshell, Herman Cain is an asshole. Assholes are the same color all over the world and all they do is spew crap and offend.

Fixer said...

It ain't about race to Cain, it's the power trip, but it is about race for the white goobers who suppport him. If it was a black woman or Latina, they wouldn't give a shit about what he did.