Monday, January 30, 2012

Flash! The Repugs have TWO Dead End Quarters!

I'm glad Daddy Frank has a good gig, but monthly sucks compared to weekly. It's worth the wait, though. A "recommended read" about "Who's Willard?".

[...] The morning after Newt shut Mitt down in South Carolina, Rich Lowry, the editor of the pro-Mitt, anti-Newt National Review, channeled the horror of GOP grandees everywhere. “If Romney can’t right himself,” he wrote, then “every major elected Republican in the country will panic” and “every unlikely scenario to get another candidate in the race will be explored.” The names once again being floated — Mitch Daniels! Jeb Bush! Paul Ryan! Bobby Jindal! — have not been known to raise the pulse rate of anyone beyond the 25 percent of the GOP embodied by elite conservative pundits in Washington and New York (my em).

What’s more likely is that the party’s panicked Establishment, and its Wall Street empire, will succeed in their push to crush Gingrich and prop up Romney in any way they can. They still see Mitt as the best available front man for the radical party the Republicans have become — the dutiful Eagle Scout who can hold down the fort as the right’s self-styled revolutionary rabble threaten to overwhelm today’s GOP elites the way the Goldwater insurgents once did Nelson Rockefeller and Romney’s father, George. Some of the same Beltway types who have reinforced Mitt’s presumed victory march since last summer believe he can be rebooted for the fall merely with some stern course correction.

Good luck. Willard self-reboots with every change in the wind. To complete the seagoing analogy, he's tacked so far to the right he's sailing up his own ass. The bowsprit's no problem but I do wonder about the mainmast...

There are simply too many good quotes in Pop's piece to post here. Go discover them for yourself. You'll be glad you did.


Arthur Mervyn said...

From the article: "Unlike Nixon’s craggy face, or, for that matter, Gingrich’s, Romney’s does not look lived in." Daddy Frank captures it!

BadTux said...

Clearly someone forgot to program Romney with the "lived-in face" algorithm when they wound him up and set him loose on the campaign trail. I wonder if they're going to attempt a bug fix patch on that one? Unfortunately it's hard to test patches for a system as complex as a Romney, so they may decide that the risk of causing the Romney to go into a complete lockup rather than an occasional reboot caused by program bugs is too high.

- Badtux the Snarky Robotics Penguin