Friday, February 3, 2012

Eddie Haskell* for President!

Dear Tea Party: Why so mad?

A quick read. Last ¶:

I could go on here; however, I am not sure it would do any good. See I think I finally get it...I now understand your anger. You are not in power. You are not calling the shots, and it pisses you off. Here is the deal. This is the United States of America and while we have our problems we have always persevered—not because we stayed in the past like you seem to want to do. No, we have moved forward by looking towards the future and doing bold things. In your world we would have never settled the west, we would have never gone to the moon. Yet, you say you want your county back...what exactly do you want back? The United States you seem to want only existed in Leave it to Beaver re-runs.

I disagree with the writer about settling the west. After all, that was pure freedom, lawlessness, greed, guns, and genocide, and the teabaggers loves them that shit.

*Eddie Haskell

...has become a cultural reference, recognized as an archetype for insincere sycophants.


Fixer said...

The baggers don't like pure freedom. They like freedom for them and not anybody else. The bagger-types wouldn't have lasted long in the wild west.

skip 2 colorado said...

It's painful for the party of tea to wake up and find they have become irrelevant. Take their Koch-funded vinyl-wrapped buses away, and not too many of those fat bastards will get out of their recliners or tear themselves away from Faux News...but they still froth at the mouth given the prospect that I don't want their tiny government all up in my vagina.