Thursday, February 2, 2012

Our Unending Abortion War

RuPun on the Komen hard-right turn.

Even if you are viscerally anti-choice, wanting to defund Planned Parenthood for performing abortions is like wanting to defund the entire military because of waterboarding. And it's ultimately, obviously self-defeating: if your goal is to reduce the number of abortions, then you want Planned Parenthood operational and fully-funded because, see, Planned Parenthood has prevented more abortions than every anti-choice group ever.

But that hasn't stopped the yawping chimps of the right from doing a chest-thump of victory over the Susan G. Komen Foundation cutting off its funding for Planned Parenthood. Komen had seemingly overcome its origins as an organization of wealthy, Republican women and became a force in research, diagnosis, and treatment of breast cancer, and it had been giving grants on the national level to Planned Parenthood directly for the last five years. By its own June 2011 document, "During the past five years, Komen Affiliate grants to Planned Parenthood have paid for the following: Breast cancer and breast health education for nearly 160,000 women, 139,000 clinical breast exams, 4,866 mammograms, detection of 177 breast cancers."

But because that occurred through an organization that also provides abortion services, it is evil breast cancer detection.

That's what passes for logic on the right. I guess breast cancer is OK for the godless commie women who use Planned Parenthood.


nunya said...

Mmm. Had a discussion and some impromptu bible study with a new acquaintance yesterday. Even the most flexible bible thumpers won't budge on some issues. Thank Gawd abortion didn't come up!

Fixer said...

They don't care who dies as long as the zygotes are safe.

Gordon said...

I think we should define "personhood" as the moment the ejaculate leaves the penis. We'd ALL be in jail for murder. Heh.