Friday, February 3, 2012

Where's Porky?

From disinformation™

Inmate Secretly Adds Pig To State Decal On Vermont Police Cruisers

State officials Thursday pointed to the failure of the quality assurance office within the Vermont Correctional Industries Print Shop in St. Albans to detect a prisoner-artist’s addition made four years ago to the traditional state police logo. A spot on the shoulder of the cow in the state emblem was modified into a pig…

Heh. Reminds me of the time there were several CHP officers eating dinner in a local restaurant that was having a big Jägermeister promo going on in the bar at the same time. All three Chippie cruisers left with a brand new Jägermeister bumpersticker.

Putting a pig inside the official door graphic is subtle fuckin' GENIUS! Took 'em four years to catch on. Kudos to that gent and I hope to God he'd done his time and got out before this got discovered.


Fixer said...

Heh ... I love it!

montag said...

If the con who did that is still in, he should be given a pardon.