Monday, January 30, 2012

The GOP Deserves to Lose

I don't post very much from the WSJ Opinion page for obvious reasons, but this piece by an Obamaphobe who can see through the mist is the rare exception.

Let's just say right now what voters will be saying in November, once Barack Obama has been re-elected: Republicans deserve to lose.

That's my theory for why South Carolina gave Newt Gingrich his big primary win on Saturday: Voters instinctively prefer the idea of an entertaining Newt-Obama contest—the aspiring Caesar versus the failed Redeemer—over a dreary Mitt-Obama one. The problem is that voters also know that Gaius Gingrich is liable to deliver his prime-time speeches in purple toga while holding tight to darling Messalina's* — sorry, Callista's — bejeweled fingers. A primary ballot for Mr. Gingrich is a vote for an entertaining election, not a Republican in the White House.

*Excellent reference. There are two - Valeria, wife of Claudius and known to some as the "Empress Whore", and Statilia, Nero's third wife. In the case of Callista "Can-Opener Hair", take your pick. Or both. Heh. But I digress...

Then there is Mitt Romney, even now the presumptive nominee. If Mr. Gingrich demonstrated his unfitness to be a serious Republican nominee with his destructive attacks on private equity (a prime legacy of the Reagan years), Mr. Romney has demonstrated his unfitness by — where to start?

[...] But Messrs. Santorum and Paul are two tedious men, deep in conversation with some country that's not quite America...

Finally, there are the men not in the field: Mitch Daniels, Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Haley Barbour. This was the GOP A-Team, the guys who should have showed up to the first debate but didn't ... If Mr. Obama wins in November — or, rather, when he does — the failure will lie as heavily on their shoulders as it will with the nominee.

Blaming the guys who saw the handwriting on the wall, which was, quite simply, "The rest of these clowns have lost already and rightly so. '16.". Amazing.

What should readers who despair of a second Obama term make of all this? Hope ObamaCare is repealed by the High Court, the Iranian bomb is repealed by the Israeli Air Force, and the Senate switches hands, giving America a healthy spell of Hippocratic government.

Dude, turn yer spellcheck on, and we've already got a Hypocritic government and your scenario would only make it worse.

All perfectly plausible. And the U.S. will surely survive four more years. Who knows? By then maybe Republicans will have figured out that if they don't want to lose, they shouldn't run with losers.

A mirror image of the way I felt about surviving the Bush years, which we did barely. The Repugs started to lose when they couldn't steal enough votes to steal the '08 election. They're working on that. Hey, if they rig it so Democrats can't vote, no matter what disenfranchising and illegal bullshit it takes, then they win, right?

The GOP deserves more than just to lose the upcoming election, which they will and hopefully for the House and Senate as well, although I'm not holding my breath for that one.

They need to be ground to dust and scattered to the winds where they can't hurt this country for a while. The beauty of it is that they're doing it from within.

The upshot is that Obama's biggest problem is getting the shit-eatin' grin off his face before he goes out in public and then keeping a straight face during important matters of state. Heh.


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Fixer said...

They need to be ground to dust and scattered to the winds where they can't hurt this country for a while. The beauty of it is that they're doing it from within.

Word. It just ain't happening fast enough.

Gordon said...

Fixer, it's too much to hope that they'll start shooting each other. Patience, lad, patience. And extra butter...:-)

Fixer said...

Thing is, my sphincter is always puckered, worrying that they might win something (the presidency, a majority in both houses of Congress) before they implode, taking us all with them.

skip 2 colorado said...

I want to be present for the grinding into dust part. Seriously, entertaining the thought of Newt-into-dust makes me happy.