Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Music to my ears...

The Daily Beast

Romney and Gingrich Set the GOP on a Path Toward Self-Destruction

The solution to the puzzle may be to admit that the GOP has forfeited 2012 before the general election even starts. How did this happen so suddenly?

“That’s the great mystery of 2012,” a senior Republican journalist told me while watching the brouhaha in Florida. “We have the weakest incumbent president in 32 years, running on the weakest record in 32 years… and who’s taking the stage in South Carolina and Florida? It has to be the weakest field I can remember. Each of these candidates has in his character, in his history, in his idea set—never mind disqualifying—a guarantee for self-destruction. If Newt is the candidate, he’ll lose badly. If Mitt is the candidate, he’ll lose slightly less badly … So what you have is an almost complete guarantee that if these are the candidates, Barack Obama will be reelected.”

No mystery. First, Obama's not near as weak as these clowns have to say he is to satisfy the Dead End Quarter and they know it. I think they made the right choice to run the weakest candidates they could find this time to clear out the deadwood before '16. And boy was there some deadwood! Heh.


Fixer said...

'16 is gonna be scary. You see why I want the GOP to hurry up and implode?

Gordon said...

I do.