Friday, January 27, 2012

GOP begins to think the unthinkable

Guardian (UK)

It is the rumour that – almost – dare not speak its name.

But, as the Republican nomination race descends into civil war in Florida, some senior figures on the right of American politics are speculating openly about the prospect that none of the contenders should win.

Instead, they argue, several scenarios could play out which would allow someone not currently in the race to step in at the last moment, or appear at the party's convention in Tampa in August, and win the right to fight Barack Obama for the White House.

All the usual suspects. The same ones who stayed outta that race because they saw the handwriting on the wall some time ago. Heh.

This is so good I can't believe it! The whole 3-ring Repug primary circus up to now might get thrown out the window because the money boys know they're all a buncha unelectable clowns.

I'm thinkin' of it as a Hail Mary Circular Firing Squad. Fun ta watch.

And then they lose anyway. Heh.


Fixer said...

... or appear at the party's convention in Tampa in August ...

The Republicans ain't that spontaneous.

Gordon said...

They're more desperate than ever because they know they're about to get their ass handed to 'em. They'll say or do or try anything to get power, and in the end, Americans are catching on and tired of their shit and they're going to lose and they know it. Drives 'em nuts. Good. Fuck 'em.