Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It Depends on What the Meaning of "Lobbyist" Is

El Rude-o loves him some Gingrich, which, IMNSHO, strikes me as being very similar to "Santorum" albeit without the creamy texture and delightful flavor, basically just plain old fecal matter, peanuts, corn, plastic bags, high-heaven stench, and all.

Everyone knows it's lobbying. And why does that matter? Because that means that Gingrich is a bought and paid for corporate whore. He's just one of those chatty whores who wants to talk about his kids before he sucks your cock. You listen only because he sucks it so good.

It was essentially a money fight on the stage in Tampa last night. The really rich fuck versus the really, really rich fuck. But, and the Rude Pundit's not proud about this, Romney landing a blow that actually rattled Gingrich gave him a momentary thrill, a bit of wood, even. It was fleeting, yes, but goddamn, it's sweet to see someone punch that white-domed phlegm globule right in his cash sack.

Everyone knows what Gingrich has been doing for the last dozen years. He doesn't even bother to wipe the semen off his upper lip.

Reminds me of the guy whose snowmobile broke down out in the boonies. Mechanic comes, looks it over, says "Looks like ya blew a seal." Rider replies, "Nah, that's just some frost on my moustache."

Dear God let that asshole be the Repug nominee. If you got the balls to go against Wall St. that is.


Fixer said...

I like that Neut is having his moment. It adds some suspense to the show.

Gordon said...

The real show is all the stuttering and yammering of the chattering class. Heh.